TimeVue 1.0

Developed by Icon Time Systems
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TimeVue Lite is entry-level PC-based software for Icon Time Systems' automated Time and Attendance Solutions, and hand punch biometric readers. Perfect for small business, TimeVue Lite installs quickly and is easy-to-learn, yet is robust enough handle your basic time and attendance needs.
If needs change, you can upgrade at any time to TimeSource Complete for more features, or use an add-on module such as Multi-user, Auto-poll, Custom Rounding or Custom Hours. Upgrades are available immediately over the phone and don't require additional software installation.

* Runs on Windows 2000, XP and 32 bit Vista
* Supports all pay periods (weekly, biweekly, semi-month, month, or custom)
* Outputs reports including time card, tardy, attendance, labor, and summary
* Supports 99 departments (18 per employee) to further refine reports
* Outputs reports to your screen, printer, MS Excel, MS Word, PDF or HTML
* Exports payroll hours to ADP, Paychex, and QuickBooks Pro
* Two levels of overtime (supports daily and weekly overtime)
* In-Out zones to control unauthorized overtime
* Automatic lunch deduction (by department)
* Time rounding (10th, quarter hour, slant hour or exact minute)
* Tracks tips / piece counts
* Assign off-site work, holiday, and other non-worked hours by individual or group
* Archive data (archive, retrieve, restore or review records)
* Supports up to 99 time clocks per system

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